Kppp, wvdial & pppconfig

marc gmane at
Sun Apr 19 21:33:14 UTC 2009

Ray Burke said...
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> Marc=2C
> I use a terminal window and typr
> sudo wvdial and it then reads my hardware modem and connects
> with 11500 kbps calling 019833788 my isp and shows conection=2C
> I then when I want to disconnect type in cntrl c in the same terminal
> window? =2Cso all I want is the same to do when I use kppp or ppp as dialup
> to show time online and amount off data exchanged at the rate of 11500=2C
> but when I use the kppp or ppp it only connects at 56kbps????

So why not use wvdial?

I used dial-up a lot longer than many in my country place and wvdial 
consistently provided better speeds, so I understand why you want to use 
it. kppp was consistently rubbish - forget it - and ppp was cool for 
adsl modems when I was staying with folk.

If you are trying to make kppp behave as well as wvdial then I suspect 
you are fighting a losing battle. Why? No idea. Don't care. Move on.

As an aside, in Jaunty, I have dumped Network <whatever> and the much 
recommended alternative, neither do anything for me, but two lines in 
/etc/network/interfaces works brilliantly. Don't believe that many of 
the "improvements" really are such. They demonstrably are not.


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