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Odd iodine at runbox.no
Sun Apr 19 16:04:52 UTC 2009

Steven Vollom wrote:
> On Sunday 19 April 2009 10:09:16 am Odd wrote:
>> Ignazio Palmisano wrote:
>>> Terrell Prudé Jr. wrote:
>>>> marc wrote:
>>>>> Eberhard Roloff said...
>>>>> I pay for Windows, or have paid, and have to deal with it regularly, 
>>>>> and the direct support is woeful. At least with mature FOSS, you have 
>>>>> somewhere to report things and await a response. This is far, far 
>>>>> better than the non-FOSS world in OS-land. (I don't know enough about 
>>>>> Apple's support mechanisms to comment, but I'd to know more.)
>>>> You won't get any better joy from Crapple than you will with 
>>>> Microshaft.  The former are even more arrogant than the latter, and 
>>>> that's saying something.  Stick with FOSS.
>>> More arrogant than Microsoft I don't know, so far I only reported one 
>>> problem to Apple
>> Your ONE problem is too miniscule to have an opinion. Yet
> Do  you actually know what you said is true.

Of course. It's simple statistics after all.

>>> (an external hard drive that wouldn't turn on after an 
>>> update, though the same hard drive worked nicely on other machines and 
>>> on the same macbook booted with Kubuntu live - which worked a dream, 
>>> btw), and I got feedback from them, not too quickly but not arrogant 
>>> either. Well at least I wasn't asked to restart the machine and see if 
>>> the problem persisted...
>>> Just 2c so that the list cannot be told to be FUDding like other 
> sources...
>> It's actually you that are making the grave mistake of thinking your
>> one single problem is representative in any statistics. It's not.
>> Come back when you actually have sources worth counting.
> Is Odd your real name?  Why don't you at least present your credentials, so 
> that we can better consider your ideas?

It's not an "idea". It's statistics. One man's experience is insignificant
compared to thousands. To make a valid assessment one needs
a solid basis. ONE single experience is therefore useless in the bigger

I work in the security industry. Use Linux on servers and on my
laptops, but not on this desktop machine. When I have something
useful to contribute, I do. And, yes, Odd is my real name.

> All I have ever heard from Eberhard is help.  All I have ever heard from you 
> is complaint and discontent.  I may not be worthy to make input, but I am 
> justified in standing up for someone who, even if he were wrong (and I am not 
> saying that), he deserves a little respect.  I don't have the same opinion of 
> you.

I actually don't care what you think of me. I've read enough of your
mails to know that you certainly aren't contributing anything but
noise on this list. Not too long ago I sorted on names and deleted
every mail from you, because I knew they were not useful in any
way. Certainly cut down on the number of mails in my archive.

By the way, I have posted about 10 times on this list. I looked
over the posts now, and I find no basis for your "all I have ever
heard from you is complaint and discontent".


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