Is Canonical against Kubuntu (2): the bug tracking disaster

Edmund Laugasson ed.lau at
Sun Apr 19 15:11:21 UTC 2009

> And why did you 
> not provide the output of "lspci -vvnn" after being asked to do so?

I had the following bug report -
I provided all required data but no one solution and this was closed for reason inactivity last 15 days.

The result was: that PC was changed against another PC with MS Windows Vista. No more linux. Now 
printing works like a charm and printer was also changed to the Konica-Minolta BizHub 163 - - it seems like it has drivers for Linux - - but it does not matter 
for decision makers - they understood, that Linux does not work for them and they took Windows.

This is my experience.

But handling bugs should be taken seriously. I translated 3 programs (FreeMind, WiCD, ISO Master) 
into my motherlanguage - this is my effort. If I could programming, then I fixed bugs myself. But 
I'm not blessed with programming skills and you probably know, that if you missed right time, then 
next to main work and family (I have small kids) it's quite hard to learn programming and understand 
the situation. Therefore I'm glad if there are programmers out there who are able to fix errors.

One positive experience. I used OpenSUSE in some years ago. I downloaded K3b from packman and there 
was one typo and package wasn't installed correctly. I wrote to packman and after 2 hours he wrote 
me back and said, that now is error fixed - try again. I downloaded again same package and then 
everything worked like a charm. God bless packman! I was thankful and glad and this was real 
provement for me about how great free OSS community works.

But those windows-people used to say, that TCO (total cost of ownership) is bigger if to use FLOSS. 
There are so much forgotten projects in - some people brings examples to me. What can I say - 
it's true. But asking support from Microsoft is also real pain. If you are not big client, then your 
bug reports are ignored as well. You have to be big client like SAS Radisson 
( or something like that to get responce to your bug report.

My colleagues, who are working at Ubuntu Linux - they are happy and saying, that Ubuntu is much more 
comfortable than Windows. What can I say.. I use Ubuntu myself and are much more satisfied. There 
are some issues sometimes but when I updated software and choosign hardware carefully then problems 
are much more better minimized than under Windows. Hoping, that next LTS version Ubuntu 10.04 in 
April of 2010 will be much more ready than current versions and also x11vnc will work again 
(currently no picture) under KDE4.

Best Regards,

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