Is Canonical against Kubuntu (2): the bug tracking disaster

Scott sclewin at
Sun Apr 19 13:46:10 UTC 2009

I have reported problems with Gnome products and KDE products and I have 
always received great help from the volunteers, no matter if I report a 
KDE software or Gnome software.  I have always been surprised how 
helpful  the volunteers were with fixing bugs and giving fast responses.

I also found Kubuntu 9.04 to be the most stable alpha/beta I have ever 
used.  I was using it from Alpha 4 all the way up to beta.  The only 
major problem I had was with ext4 which is not a problem only in Kubuntu.

Instead of bashing the good people that try their best working on 
Kubuntu.  I would suggest trying to help them as much as possible.  I 
know that no one is deliberately trying to sabotage Kubuntu and you 
trying to create conspiracy theories can only have the effect of driving 
away volunteers and developers.

Your friend,

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