Astronomy and Computerised Telescopes

GreyGeek GreyGeek at
Sat Apr 18 22:59:13 UTC 2009

David Fletcher wrote:
> I'm wondering, does anybody here use computer controlled telescopes with 
> Linux?
> I've always rather fancied having a telescope, and these days I could afford 
> to buy the new Meade model which automatically aligns itself using a built in 
> GPS receiver and digital sensor.
> The potential problem is, that AIUI the controllers for these need to be 
> updated for new comets, path changes of asteroids due to gravitational tugs 
> from other objects they pass, etc. The Meade site only mentions support for 
> Windows. So, does anybody use these instruments with Linux? If so how?
> Thanks
> Dave
Here is a description of the LX200 RS232 port that was on my LX200 (That
I donated to the Prairie Vally Astronomer's Club)

You can get a USB to Serial device that will allow you to attach your
LX200 RS232 port to a laptop USB report.

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