Kppp, wvdial & pppconfig

Irena & Richard Jenkins richard.jenkins at
Thu Apr 16 10:32:24 UTC 2009

Message to all those members who use dial-up internet:  If one of these tools 
doesn't behave, try another!  Most installs of (K)(X)ubuntu have them 
available.  I am not sure why this is so, but I used pppconfig to set up my 
dial-up after complete failure with wvdial.  It has worked 100% since then.

On another machine I amplaying with I shall try replacing a 'wobbly' kppp 
setup with pppconfig too!

A small bugbear is that you have to run your dialup from within a terminal 
as 'root' or 'superuser' ... but the commands you need to remember are 
just 'pon' your connection name and 'poff' your connection name.

Works for me!  YMMV.

Irena & Richard Jenkins
Canberra   AU

Linux on a Mac ... delightful!

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