OT: lightweight DE's

Nigel Ridley nigel at prayingforisrael.net
Wed Apr 15 17:26:48 UTC 2009

marc wrote:
> Nigel Ridley said...
>> marc wrote:
>>> Nigel Ridley said...
>>>> Does anyone know if LXDE will run under Jaunty and if there are debs available (for Jaunty)? I 
>>>> did try Googling but only came up with debs for Intrepid and prior.
>>> Just installed this on Jaunty and it works a treat. It even has suspend 
>>> on the "Leave" dialogue :-)
>>> All the KDE apps I tried worked okay.
>> You installed LXDE on Jaunty?
> Yes.
>> Was it a deb or did you install from the tar.gz?
> # aptitude install lxde
> It's in universe/x11

It installed very nicely and I played around with it for about an hour.
The main issue I had with it was I couldn't get it to connect to my wireless router without first 
having to open [KDE] System Settings > Network Management > Wireless tab and then edit the router 
connection and close it. Bit of a pain in the proverbial....

The other thing that I missed was KDE's ability to not only reopen previously opened apps (on a 
logout/login shutdown/start) but to also remember which desktops the 'belong' to.

I must admit to being spoiled by KDE ;-)

Anyway, LXDE is very nice and fast; has some great features and loads of possibilities (I just 
checked on my boy's box running gOS (uses LXDE) and gOS has got some custom and/or plugins that 
make the whole desktop very polished. Perhaps Canonical could do the same with Xubuntu.



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