kcron missing?

Derek Broughton derek at pointerstop.ca
Wed Apr 15 15:42:08 UTC 2009

Ric Moore wrote:

> Funny thing, I don't find kcron listed anymore in the menu bar anymore.
> So, I un-installed it, and re-installed it. I figured that would kick it
> into gear. But, I do not find a binary file in /usr/bin named kcron.

Interesting - I hadn't noticed it was missing until you mentioned it.

> Huh... so I did "locate kcron". Found a library file, a man page file.
> thats about it. I use it to download files between 3AM and 6AM as I'm on
> a satellite linked to Hughsnet and that's free-for-all unlimited usage
> time. 

I wish _mine_ did that.  I'll have to complain to the reseller, since I'm
FAPped again!  (I've been promised local WiMAX this year - I can't wait!)

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