How to stop updates notifier daemon on Intrepid 8.10

Nigel Henry cave.dnb2m97pp at
Tue Apr 14 16:32:48 UTC 2009

I have  a bunch of distro's installed, and being on dialup, like to save 

When I fire up Kubuntu Intrepid, some daemon is started which phones home to 
get notifications of  available updates. This was verified when I tried to 
run "apt-get update", and was told that there was an active lock on accessing 
the file. I tried again, when gkrellm showed the incoming traffic had 
stopped, then "apt-get update" ran ok.

I've looked in synaptic, and packagekit is not installed, update manager 
doesn't show any references to update daemons in it's installed packages, and 
kde doesn't show anything either.

Looked in KDE's system settings > service manager, and can't see anything 
there, unless I'm missing something.

Also Looked in sysv-rc-conf, but nothing resembling an updates daemon is 

Just booted Ubuntu Intrepid for comparison, and that is also searching for 
updates, but there is an applet icon for it in the top taskbar. Right 
clicking on that gives a drop down menu, then clicking preferences, then 
updates, there is a checkbox "Check for updates", which I'm just about to 
uncheck, but on Kubuntu Intrepid, there isn't even an applet icon that I can 
right click on to stop this checking for updates on bootup.

Anyone any idea where else I might look to stop what appears to be an updates 
notifier daemon?

All a bit bizarre.


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