Derek Broughton derek at
Thu Apr 9 16:38:47 UTC 2009

Paul Rumelhart wrote:

> Derek Broughton wrote:
>> Brian Norman Wootton wrote:
>>> I've written some pretty extensive bash scrypts in my time, but perl is
>>> really what system administrators use these days I think.
>> Ye gods!  I hope not.  I haven't seen a perl around here for years. 
>> Python is the in-thing.
> Linux is all about choice.  Both scripting languages work well for
> system administration tasks.  I don't understand this need to be on the
> language that is on the forefront this week. 

First, I would have thought that my first two words would have clued you in
that it was tongue-in-cheek.

However, it's not about using the language of the week - it's about (a)
python being the chosen script language of Ubuntu, which means there's a
ton of support for anything you want to do in python; and (b) python just
being a whole lot nicer to use (of course, strictly imo).

> Use the right tool for the 
> job from your collection of tools.  It's a good thing to add new tools
> every now and then, but I wouldn't do so just because it's the new "in"
> thing.  Perl is used extensively where I work, it isn't going anywhere.

Of course it's not, and one "anywhere" it isn't going is on any system of
mine, if I can help it.

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