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Lindsay Mathieson Lindsay.Mathieson at gmail.com
Sun Apr 12 21:56:58 UTC 2009

On Mon, 13 Apr 2009 03:34:05 am GreyGeek wrote:
> Lindsay Mathieson wrote:
> > I mean from your previous uniformed rants on windows security, activex
> > and .NET I had you pegged for a closed minded linux bigot but you don't
> > see me flaming that on the list.
> >
> > Oops ...
> Opps, Indeed!
> "uninformed" on Windows security, activeX and .NET?
> Next you'll tell me that Linux is just as insecure as Windows, 

I'll tell you that unless you're running an unpatched version of windows 95 
with IE 5.5 than your comments about auto running of activeX controls in 
webpages or emails are complete FUD, as that has been disabled for years. 

> that
> Linux mime is just a exploitable as ActiveX, 

And I would suggest you consider the nature Plasma Applets, Firefox extensions 
or any other desktop/browser pluging  - they are every bit as insecure as 
activex was, they run with the full privilege of the user, with full access to 
the users data. And if that user is silly enough to run the desktop or firefox 
as root ...

And commenting that windows has a less sophisticated security model than linux 
is just ignorant. Windows ACL's and Group Policy's allow for an extraordinary 
level of fine grained access controls down to the individual file level, 
enforcable as policy across an enterprise, something linux is just not capable 
of, except maybe SELinux, which is an attempt to introduce ACL's to linux.

> and the real winner:
> writing applications with MONO (.NET) is not a WIN for Microsoft.
> GG

Good grief, just determined to be a linux fan boy with your head in the sand 
aren't you LA LA LAH I CAN"T HEAR YOU.

Mono runs on more linux/unix platforms than java, GPL'd and non-patent 
encumbered ... Jeeze, but you MS haters just don't get it. It's ridiculous.

I've been running linux and contributing one way or another, including code 
and criticising MS for decades and I just don't get this mindless MS bashing. 
Its pointless and counter productive, there's a lot of talented people and 
good products from MS which can be learned from. This holier than thou shit is 
just mindless group think.


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