Can't Run Kubuntu Jaunty

marc gmane at
Sat Apr 11 21:37:06 UTC 2009

Graham Todd said...
> I've downloaded Kubuntu 9.04 Jaunty a few times just to make sure I get
> a good download, then burnt it to CD-R at various speeds.  I'm using a
> Dell Dimension 4600 with (it tells me) 500kb of memory.
> I have tried to load the live CDs once burnt and each one stops and
> freezes at the loading screen in which four icons get loaded.  I must
> emphasise that I don't even get as far as loading the "live" CD.
> The disk drive has run Ubuntu and other Gnome-based distros, and even
> installed one of them, so I don't think the problem lies there.#
> Is the installer incompatible with Dell Dimension 4600 or is there
> another reason I might not be able to load the "live" CD?

I've tried Jaunty on six different machines now and only one loads 
beyond the point you mention - the laptop I'm testing it on. The 
machines include a recent Dell desktop, a year old Dell desktop and and 
AMD64 3000, so quite a variety. I haven't seen a no-load since Badger.

Also, I'm having sever difficulties with video and audio with the 
machine that does run. I'm reporting bugs, but not a lot of response.


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