Multiple Monitors kde 4.1 Kubuntu 8.10

Dean, Barry B.Dean at
Tue Apr 7 15:24:45 UTC 2009

I have two monitors, I had a devil of a time configuring them, and can't even remember what I did right to get the setup I want. But I have a problem...

I boot up and the kdm login box is sat in the middle of a virtual monitor spanning the two screens, ie half on the right of the left hand monitor and half on the left of the right hand monitor.

I login and still have this single virtual desktop.

I then logout and ...

The KDM login box sits nicely in the middle of the left hand monitor, just what I want, then ...

I login and get a display where I get separate desktop background images on left and right monitors and it all works just how I want! If I maximise a window it fills one monitor, not both! And apps start on the monitor where I have my mouse.

What I want to know is how can I make these setting apply from the boot up!? Cos at the moment I have to login twice to get the desktop I want.

If I knew what file the config for my session lives in, maybe I could put it in the global config?

If the fix is "wait for Jaunty and KDE 4.2.2", then I can live with it for now...

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