anyone else having focus problems (again)

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at
Fri Apr 3 04:54:50 UTC 2009

On Thursday 02 April 2009, Paul S wrote:
>Gene Heskett said the following on 04/02/2009 08:39 PM:
>> On Thursday 02 April 2009, Paul S wrote:
>>> It's back .. focus problems on jaunty with kde 4.2.2.  When I hit Alt-F1
>>> the menu pops up but gets no focus. To give it focus I have to mouse
>>> click on it.  Same with Device Notifier .. it pops up but only will get
>>> focus if I mouse click it.  Anyone solved this?
>>> regards,
>> I'm running F10, and that problem is a PIMA.  Any hints gleefully
>> investigated.
>Apparently it's a regression with 4.2.2:

yeah, gotta love it.  I can't remember if it worked in 4.1.2 or not.  Memory, 
2nd thing to go you know.

Cheers, Gene
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