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David McGlone david at
Fri Apr 3 01:08:54 UTC 2009

On Wednesday 01 April 2009 10:08:01 pm Derek Broughton wrote:
> David McGlone wrote:
> > Hi All.
> >
> > I am using IMAP with kontact and I want to remove the "local folders"
> > inbox and templates folders and move the outbox, sent-mail, trash and
> > drafts folders under the IMAP, is this possible?
> Yes and no.  You can't remove "local folders", you _can_ put most of your
> default special folders under the IMAP inbox.
> Trash is configured under "Accounts" and "Sent", "Templates" and "Drafts"
> are per-identity (also, for any folder or account, you can specify to keep
> replies in the same folder as the message you reply to).  I'm fairly sure
> you can't move the outbox (it really makes no sense, as your outbox should
> be on your _local_ machine - though iirc, Dovecot actually has an option
> for an outbox folder).
> > Also this isn't that important, but I have an "inbox" under both "local
> > folders" and "IMAP" and all my mail goes to the inbox under IMAP, but
> > some of them are falling through the cracks and ending up in my Inbox
> > under "local folders", what could be causing this? I want all mail to go
> > to the inbox under IMAP.
> If your IMAP folder is remote, I'd say that isn't even possible.  If you're
> running your own IMAP server, then it's a simple matter of something
> delivering to ~/Mail/ rather than ~/Maildir/ - but it wouldn't be a kontact
> issue.

My IMAP folder is local. I am running my own mail server on this computer 
using postfix and dovecot.

In dovecot there is 5 options for "mail file location"

1. Detect automatically 
2. Inbox folders in ~/Maildir
3. Inbox under /var/mail, folders in ~/mail
4. Inbox in ~/Maildir, folders in ~/mail
5. Other dovecot location

Ok I can't figure out how to get any of these to work except for #3, if I 
choose anything else, then no mail is delivered at all. I think this is due to 
me not fully understanding the difference between ~/Maildir and ~/mail.

I'm also somewhat suspecting this has something to do with my postfix 

Ok, let me see where this question will get me,

currently my Kontact folders look like this
-local folders
		Christian Source FSLUG
		Linux 4 Christians

What layout scheme might you suggest?

David M.

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