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Thu Apr 2 04:52:44 UTC 2009

Lisi Reisz wrote:
> I have downloaded and installed first the realplayer available in medibuntu 
> (Realplayer 11).  iPlayer continued to say that it needed Realplayer in both 
> Furefox and Konqueror.  So I clicked thro' to the site offered by the BBC and 
> downloaded and installed from there (Realplayer 11 GOLD deb).  Still no joy.  
> So I asked Mozilla for an add-on for Firefox.  Guess what?  It lead me to the 
> same Realplayer Gold site.  I did not install it a third time.
> I am at my wits end.   How do I persuade both Firefox and the BBC that 
> Realplayer is installed?
> Lisi
> PS This troublesome computer will go back to its owner in teh nex day or two 
> and things will settle down until teh next time.  But all this stuff was 
> working before the update....

The correct answer is to not bother with sites like the Beeb's iPlayer 
site until it starts using standard video formats.  I wouldn't give 
anything that requires RealPlayer or Windows Media Player a second 
look.  There are too many good alternatives out there that aren't 
saddled with that iPlayer crap for me to waste my time with the Beeb's.

Now, with that said....

The only way I could conceive of trying to fix the morass that is 
RealPlayer is to uninstall it and try installing it again.  That's been 
known to work with some applications.  Also, if there's a "non-Gold" 
version, try that one.  And if that doesn't work, then try the previous 
version of the player till you find one that works.

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