Jaunty: How do you activate video acceleration?

Alan Dacey GrokIt at ajinfosearch.com
Wed Apr 1 20:31:07 UTC 2009

marc wrote:
> Alan Dacey said...
>> marc wrote:
>>> Alan Dacey said...
>> . . .
>>>> What video card?
>>> $ lspci says
>>> nVidia GeForce Go 6600
>>> This is a laptop. No probs with video since badger.
>> . . .
>> I am going to guess that the GeForce 6600 & nVidia driver is the issue.  My 
>> son's machine had a GeForce 6200 LE and it gave me some problems at first.  I 
>> couldn't get Tux Racer or Extreme Tux to play in full screen.  The monitor would 
>> go blank and the only way to get it back was to restart kdm.  I installed the 
>> 177, 173 & 169 drivers and it did not work until I got to the 96 drivers.  I had 
>> the 173 working fine in Hardy but not in Intrepid, I think it is a KDE 4 thing. 
>>   Try going down the line and see if that solves the problem using the 
>> nvidia-glx-### packages.  I couldn't tell the difference between the drivers, 
>> except for the full screen thing.
> Thanks, Alan. Have you raise a bug on this? If so, could you let me know 
> which it is and I'll join in. Ditto anyone else reading.

I actually didn't.  Let's just say that the hardware it was running on was not 
of the highest quality.  It's a /really/ cheap ASRock transition board. 
Transition from 1997 technology to 2005 tech.  The board was flaky from the day 
I got it, BIOS all messed up, odd gotcha's now and then in both Kubuntu and XP. 
  After a while I got it to calm down, but I really don't know if the problem 
was purely on the software side.  I got it to run correctly and completely, just 
not with the latest and greatest.  My son could play his games on his computer, 
not mine, so I was happy.
I recently upgraded my CPU & graphics card and got a mini-atx from gigabyte to 
put it all on so my boy has something that not many five-year-olds have.  I'm 
going to use the asrock board as a basis for something to send to my wife's 
relatives in Sri Lanka.  I'll be installing Jaunty on it either today or 
tomorrow so I will be able to see if it works or the problem was Intrepid.  I 
found that release a little off until last month or so.  Should I let you know 
how it goes?


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