switching to kubunto first impressions and few questions

Emanoil Kotsev deloptes at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 30 21:30:31 BST 2008

Thank you John,

you've got my point.

I want to know where I should look for to fix my problems. 

I have used absolutely the same kde version under debian, so I think I don't have to warry about migration. it is kde 3.5.9.

So the question is where are these settings hidden. For example why krandrtray does  not expand my desktop automatically.

With a new user, as I wrote before, it is expanding automatically to highest possible size.

On the other hand when I keep my kde settings I have all my programs and taskbar etc as I had the mbefore. this is great.

The issue with the xrandr and krandrtray is acute for me and perhaps many using the intell 945 graphic chipset. I can not that easy configure the X server particularly the graphic driver to use two monitors, as it seems to be pretty cheap hardware, so I tried to configure with the monitor tool and it did over write my xorg.conf, so I have to find out where these setting is kept.

IF you can help it would be great. diff -r on a new user is also not an option, because I have too much in my .kde that diffs.

thanks and regards

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> > > You've upgraded from
> > > Debian, which is likely to result in a fair
> number of
> > > problems.
> >
> > False asumption - I did install clean kubuntu. I just
> said that I'm
> > switching to kubuntu from debian - keeping my
> home-data and stuff - but I
> > _did_ clean install
> >
> You do have to be careful keep your home from one system to
> another.
> Folders like your ".kde" folder might have very
> different settings than
> needed for your current system.
> Try all this with a new user, to see if there is something
> in your own home
> folder messing things up.
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