Printing problem

Bruce Marshall bmarsh at
Tue Sep 30 15:11:43 BST 2008

On Monday 29 September 2008, Pastor JW wrote:
>  I have asked the question now on 18 maillists
> have 17,089 replies which tell me how to set up a windoze print server on
> my network and exactly zero replies on how to MAKE IT WORK where every one
> of my 8 machines run Linux.

You must have some kind of weird setup then.   Maybe telling us about your 
printer environment would be good.

I currently use CUPS on 6 linux machines to print to an HP network printer as 
well as a HP 5550 printing through a network print server.

But I have also used local printers using CUPS and allowing other network 
printers to use CUPS to print through that one linux machine with the local 
printer attached.  This was at least 7 years ago so CUPS has been working 
correctly for quite some time.

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