When Maximized, data goes beyong edge of screen.

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at sbcglobal.net
Mon Sep 29 17:56:26 BST 2008

When I click on the box to maximize a window, it fills the screen and 
beyond.   Additionally the middle box in the upper right corner does not 
change to two overlapping boxes, it retains the single box icon and the 
window can be dragged rather than staying fixed in place like it 
should.   The biggest problem that this creates is that vertically the 
data in the window goes below the bottom of the screen, and I am unable 
to get the grabbers that resize the window.  It causes problems when you 
have to click on an Administrator button at the bottom of a window, 
because when you drag a page to the top of the screen, there is still 
data below the bottom of the screen. The Administrator button is usually 
located at the bottom right next to the apply option, so if you can't 
drag the window high enough to expose the Administrator option you can 
not get the necessary Administrator priveleges.  I am not yet capable 
using a terminal.  Additionally, the drag to resize the window feature 
on my computer will only allow me to reduce the window to about 1/2 the 
screen width even though I can drag the window Up/Down as large or small 
as I want.  And this isn't the case always.  Sometimes I have been able 
to resize a window to perhaps an inch high by an inch wide, but usually 
width is restricted, and height can not be adjusted.

I haven't yet noticed specifically what is happing when the difference 
in resizing ability allows resizing to any size you choose as opposed to 
when you restricted to about 1/2 the screen width regardless of height.  
I do remember that width restrictions do appear when I use Dolphin.  But 
it has always been that way in Dolphin even though I would alway prefers 
to be able to resize to my own preference.  This is a very difficult 
thought to try to describe, I hope I am being understood.


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