Free computers?

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Mon Sep 29 17:40:52 BST 2008

On Mon, Sep 29, 2008 at 5:10 PM, Steven Vollom
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> Knapp wrote:
>> I have friend working in a large store in the USA. He just told me
>> that they are throwing out all the PCs that will not run Vista.
>> You and I both know that these computer will run Kubuntu just fine. I
>> wonder how many other stores are doing this? Want a fairly new free
>> computer? Just go to the dump.
> I would like to know the name of a store that is doing this.  I church
> teaches how to operate computers to the needy.  When finished they give
> them a computer, however mostly the computers they give are not very
> current.  Some of the Pentium II's and III's.  That sure would reduce a
> sad waste and help a lot of unfortunate people.
> Steven

I would love to say but I don't feel good about sending out private
trusted insider info over a public system or in a way that it could be
recorded. But that being said, this can't be the only store with this
problem, which is why I posted it. I would call around and see what
you might scare up.

Douglas E Knapp

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