KOffice vs. OpenOffice

Ignazio Palmisano ignazio_io at yahoo.it
Mon Sep 29 10:06:48 BST 2008

Steve Lamb wrote:
> claydoh wrote:
>> Koffice is nice  enough, and much 'lighter' but it isn't quite as powerful as 
>> OOo, My wife likes the simplicity (of appearance) of Kword as compared to OOo 
>> or MS word,
>     I'll say it is lighter...  Here's KWord and OOWriter with the same 17 pg.
> odt opened...
> grey      6562  5.8  9.5  52936 36804 pts/2    SN   18:09   0:04 kword
> grey      6608 21.0 18.7 206112 72476 pts/2    Sl   18:10   0:04 oowriter
>     1/2 the size in memory.
>     Also KWord does something sensible.  I can save my document in
> uncompressed odt.   When doing so the content.xml is not a single line.  For
> most people this is probably not important.  However, I am a programmer and
> when I think of writing I think of how programming tools can be applied to
> writing.  Having, at least, each paragraph on its own line means that I can
> use Mercurial sensibly for revision control.
>     OOWriter's uncompressed odt stores the entire file in a single line.  As
> such each revision's diff is just a snapshot of the document.  Might as well
> just cp the file and append the date/time and be done with it.
>     With each statement on a line one can do for writing all the fun software
> development tricks that Mercurial makes possible for code.  For example,
> create a branch and play with rewriting a portion of the text in Chapter 2.
> Break out another branch and rewrite a portion of Chapter 8.  Then when you're
> satisfied with both, merge them together and back into the mainline document
> through Mercurial's automatic merging.  All because KWord's version has
> newlines.  Go figger!
>     The really crazy part is that the KWord version with newlines is smaller
> than the unpacked odt.
> {grey at igbuntu:~/Documents/NightsEnd} ls -l ??test/content.xml
> -rw-r--r-- 1 grey grey 59287 Sep 28 18:05 kwtest/content.xml
> -rw-r--r-- 1 grey grey 63302 May 18 09:54 ootest/content.xml
>     How's that for craziness?

mmm, blind guess would be koffice picks the xml entities better :) I'm 
curious about accessing odf documents this way, I was planning to do 
someting similar with spreadsheets. Do you know whether you can convert 
a content.xml from one line to the traditional indented version (the one 
you see when opening an XML file with Firefox, for example) and still be 
read without problems by the application? I'd say the parser should be 
good enough to do that, but...

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