KOffice vs. OpenOffice

Valter Mura valtermura at gmail.com
Mon Sep 29 09:16:07 BST 2008

Il lunedì 29 settembre 2008 09:35:01 Willy Hamra ha scritto:

> not any faster, in MS office 2007, try pasting 2 pages, with at least
> one picture in them, happy waiting :P it took about 1 minute on a 3.0
> GHz CPU! OOo has only one problem with MS files, and that is fonts!
> the use of different fonts by the 2 suites is really a problem. some
> guy comes in with a MS office 2003 doc file, using some fancy font
> (one of the fonts supplied by MS office, not a custom one), i open it
> with OOo, and... looks horrible in some normal font. that's one of the
> reasons i keep MS office installed on all my windows PCs, in case i
> can't print it from kubuntu.

And this is due to the reckless evolution of the computer market...
90% of computers has Windows and we must fight against these things...
Do we want to start an OT thread concerning "why" when I go to a shop I find 
(I speak for Italy) only systems with pre-installed Windows? Better not, this 
could be very OT.

> > Also OO used to open the whole office at the same time so that
> > switching between writing and spread sheet did not mean any more
> > loading. Does it still?
> not sure about the version supplied by ubuntu, but the windows version
> does. it starts blazing fast since it's always preloaded, and even
> when not, switching application is fast.

Yes, if you run "ooffice" OOo opens without starting a doc. In this way OOo is 

As OpenOffice.org, this is its real name, is integrated in the Kubuntu system, 
some things could be different from Windows, because here you make a fresh 
installation not bundled in the system, so links and menus are chosen by 
default by the OOo Organization.

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