Laptop email sending problem

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Fri Sep 26 01:03:42 BST 2008

John Hubbard wrote:
> Steven Vollom wrote:
>> I am also having intermittent problems turning the computer on.  
>> Sometimes when I shut down, I come back to a laptop that doesn't turn 
>> back on.  
> If you have powered off (not suspended) and you can't power back on then 
> it is a hardware problem If you can power on but not boot then we might 
> be able to help. If you are suspending but can't resume then there might 
> be help.
/It is when I power off completely that I have difficulty turning it 
back on.  When it comes on properly, two lights blink immediately on the 
front left portion of the laptop.  I click on the 'ON" button, if the 
two lights blink immediately on it boots up and works.  When those 
lights do not blink, they don't come on at all and the computer does not 
boot up./
>> Periodically I attempt to turn it on, hoping that it will 
>> reconnect, and eventually it does.  
> 'It' the laptop or 'it' the network connection?
/The laptop./
>> Many times it starts without a 
>> problem several times before that symptom returns; 
> Are you talking about powering on the laptop, booting the laptop, or 
> starting the network?
/I am talking about powering on the laptop./
>> I have not been able 
>> to find a solution to that problem either.  Do you think an electrical 
>> short may be the cause and may have an effect when attempting to send?
> Hardware problems could cause anything but the fact that is only 
> affecting a mail send makes it unlikely. It really sounds more like a 
> configuration/settings issue. You are sending packets to request the 
> incoming mail, so the machine can send packets.
/I am sorry that I confused you here.  The email problem is a separate 
issue.  The email has been configured properly, but I wondered if the 
hardware had a problem that was close in the wiring to the send part of 
the email package, causing a glitch of some kind.  Not very logical, but 
I actually have three problems that I am trying to work out. I just 
don't know if they are interrelated.  I am also having a little trouble 
configuring a router.  My ISP isn't helpful because I use Linux.  These 
problems fixed and I have a good little laptop, my first.
> /Thanks for the help, friend,/
Steven Vollom

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