how can I change Krusader's <panel> font size in KDE???

Joe(theWordy)Philbrook jtwdyp at
Thu Sep 25 21:50:02 BST 2008

I recently discovered the Krusader file manager, It's the first time
I've ever encountered a gui file manager that I could stand for more
than a few minutes. (I usually use mc in a konsole) I think I like it. But
I have a slight problem with the font used to display the filenames
etc... I need it just a little larger. (bad eyes) {My reading glasses are
no good for video displays because my eyes start to water and I soon get
a headache}

First I looked in it's internal Settings menu, But while I
could change the font colors, I didn't find anything to change
the font size...

Then I tried going to the control center and one at a time doubling the
font size in each of the 7 font categories from General to Desktop,
clicking on apply switching to a Krusader session, And looking for the
change... I know I can affect the menus But I can't find a setting that
has any effect on the size or style of font used inside the panels where
the filenames are displayed... 

Is there a way to change that font size???

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