what raid controller?

Eberhard Roloff tuxebi at gmx.de
Mon Sep 22 11:08:54 BST 2008

Willy K. Hamra schrieb:
> uriah heep wrote:
>> I would like to set up mirroring on 2 sata WD hard drives.  Could any one
>> suggest a good low cost controller.  This is for a home computer not
>> business.
> before getting a controller, many current mother boards support RAID,
> you sure yours doesn't? what's its model?
This imho is dangerous advice.

Imagine you use the "internal fake raid" controller. Let's say, three 
years from now, your motherboard will fail. Usually, not a big deal 
but you will surely not be able to buy a motherboard with the same 
fake raid controller, then. Now what happens to your fake raided data?

Well, it will be on your backup tape, if you are lucky...

As drever things are, this advice is mainly targeted at Windows users 
but even with Linux I would never ever touch such a mess for raid 

Kind regards

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