Help with Audacity on Kubuntu 8.04

Rick Knight rick_knight at
Fri Sep 19 20:16:49 BST 2008

Derek Broughton wrote:
> Mark Fraser wrote:
>> On Friday 19 September 2008 03:58:43 Rick Knight wrote:
>>> Hello all,
>>> I'm trying to record some vinyl using Audacity and having no success. I
>>> have an Audio Technica USB turntable with line out. I have the line out
>>> connected to the line in on my sound card. I can play the vinyl through
>>> my PC speakers but I cannot get Audacity to record it. In Kmix I have
>>> the record input set to line1 and line1 is not muted. In audacity I have
>>> the record source set to OSS:/dev/dsp, same setting for playback device.
> OSS?  That's been deprecated for a long time.
>>> At one point I thought I had it working, but it turned out the mic input
>>> was not muted and the mic was picking up the sound from the PC speakers
>>> and recording that. When I muted the mic and made sure that the only
>>> source was line1 and that it was not muted, I got no recording again.
>>> Recording from mic seems to work while recording line1 does not. Can
>>> anyone tell me how to get Audacity to work?
>> Have you tried using the USB connection? I've got an ion USB Turntable and
>> all I had to do was select the correct input in Audacity and click on the
>> record button.
> For which you'd actually _need_ a device that outputs to USB. 

I'm using ALSA on my system, but Audacity's config page lists 
OSS:/dev/dsp as the first and default choice. There are also several 
other choices for alsa with my SB card, but none of them seemed to work.

And my AudioTechnica TT has 3 outputs, standard mag phono, linelevel and 


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