Firefox problem

Neil Winchurst barnaby at
Tue Sep 16 16:35:54 BST 2008

Alexandre Aguiar wrote:
> Dear Neil Winchurst,
> Em Terça 16 Set 2008 às 04:27, Neil Winchurst escreveu:
>> FF will not open my website at all, not even the index file, with the
>> following error message
>> -------------------------
>> Internal Server Error
> This kind of error happens at the server before browser checks for cache, 
> etc. It is also unlikely that a blog, an application that uses dynamic 
> pages, is ever cached.
> Your service provider's server has a problem. Not FF.
> My 2 cents.
> Alexandre
Further to my previous answer, as I have said, my other browsers (Opera 
and Seamonkey and also Konqueror) all work fine. I can open up my web 
site with them all, no problem. It is only FF that has a problem and 
only with my web site. Otherwise, FF is working as normal.

So I do not think that it can be the server. If it were, surely nothing 
would work???


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