Anyone tried Dell Mini

Derek Broughton news at
Wed Sep 10 02:44:07 BST 2008

Eberhard Roloff wrote:

> Furthermore, against what soem people here experience, I am situated
> in germany, visited the Dell US Website, that charges dollars, not Euros.
> And as pointed out, I could configure and move to my cart ubuntu with
> 16GB ssd, bluetooth, vga, warranty extension, memory upgrde for $ 622
> So I can only conclude that Dell offers Europeans a different US
> website that they have for Americans? Hard to believe, I think.
Sort of...  Art's talking about Business purchases.  In actual fact, at the
Business part of the site, _every_ company sees a slightly different
website - and hardware available to one company may not be available to
another.  I'm sure Art could go to the same site as you, but he wouldn't
get the same deal he gets for company purchases (which is sometimes no deal
at all - I've heard people complaining that the government standing offer
for monitors only allows purchasers to pay about 50% more for the monitor
than they could pay by walking into a Future Shop or Best Buy) - and they
can't have a 22" LCD at all.

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