audiocd:/ kio slave works only as root

Glenn R Williams gloonie at
Sat Sep 6 17:27:45 BST 2008

Willie, Don't know if this helps, but I get that screen when no cd is loaded 
in the drive. When I put one in, it comes up.

If you go into system Settings --> Advanced there is an icon for "Audio CDs', 
where you can configure the Audio CDs, including which device (mine is 



On Saturday 06 September 2008 12:02:33 Willy K. Hamra wrote:
> the title explains pretty much the whole situation :-P
> this happened after a very wrongly done restore from a backup. when i
> backup into a tar.bz2 file , aren't permissions stored along with the
> files? everything got root permissions after the restore, and i had to
> manually chown my home to access it.
> so now, the audiocd:/ protocol is not working dor my user, but i have no
> idea what needs to be changed? what are the files or devs responsible
> for it? it tried chowning /dev/hda (the cd drive) , and /dev/audio to no
> avail
> this is what i get when i press on audio cd
> An error occurred while loading audiocd:/:
> Device doesn't have read permissions for this account.  Check the read
> permissions on the device.

Glenn R Williams
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