Kaffeine playback jerky

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Thu Sep 4 13:55:39 BST 2008

Billie Walsh wrote:

> On 09/03/2008 Knapp wrote:
>>  I think we should fix your computers problem and all the vim/kate
>>  stuff can go play on that thread.

Er, I thought you started that...

> I tried to run the glxgears thing a few minutes ago and it wouldn't
> start. It said that I needed to install mesa-utils. 

OK - did you try kaffeine after that?  It needs mesa-utils to properly use
gl as well.

> I'm not sure what you mean by mounting  an ISO and playing it.

Copy the contents of the DVD to an .iso (image) file on your hard drive (k3b
can do that).  

> I've been doing a little more experimenting. First I tried my CD/DVD
> combo drive. Same effects. Then I copied a movie DVD to my hard drive [
> one I recorded myself ]. 

OK, that's what Douglas asked :-)

>>  And yes LOTS of people use Blender3d, they just make a cute little
>>  movie using just that. 

DOUGLAS!  Quit complaining about thread drift and then inciting the drift!

>>  A lot of game art is done with it too. It is 
>>  great for video editing too. If you replay to this line lets please
>>  change the subject like so we can get this guy helped. I know I
>>  started this messing about (sort of anyway).

This "guy", isn't...

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