Kaffeine playback jerky

David McGlone d.mcglone at att.net
Thu Sep 4 11:55:20 BST 2008

On Thursday 04 September 2008 12:57:30 am Billie Walsh wrote:
> On 09/03/2008 david wrote:
> >  Lets try this:
> >
> >  go to kmenu->system->hardware drivers manager and disable the ATI
> >  driver and
> >  reboot. then see if you still get choppy video.
> Lets just say I'm chicken.
> How can the desktop work if the drivers for the video card are disabled?

The desktop should still work. You just won't have 3D capability. The drivers 
I asked you to disable are not enabled during install anyway, so disabling 
them shouldn't break anything.

> I worry about digging myself into a hole I can't climb out of.

I understand, but you can't learn to swim without getting your feet wet first.

David M.

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