Problem burning ISO

Nigel Henry cave.dnb2m97pp at
Fri Oct 31 20:35:38 GMT 2008

On Friday 31 October 2008 20:59, Ric Moore wrote:
> On Fri, 2008-10-31 at 08:12 +0200, Nigel Ridley wrote:
> > Ric Moore wrote:
> > > On Thu, 2008-10-30 at 21:49 +0200, Nigel Ridley wrote:
> > >> Actually it's not the k3b post burn checks - I then took the CD to the
> > >> box to do the install and it failed on a specific file. I then
> > >> restarted the process but choose the 'Check Cd' (or something like
> > >> that) - the option beneath 'Install' (this is the alternate CD).
> > >> Anyway, the self check got  about half way through a complained about
> > >> a corrupted file - another coaster!
> > >>
> > >> I shall wait until the weekend and try again.
> > >
> > > You might restrict the burn rate to something like 2X, SLOW-- and see
> > > if that helps. Ric
> >
> > x10 is the minimum on my Dell 1525 :-(
> Huh, I thought k3b did the setting of the burn speed as an option. x10
> for reading perhaps?? I dunno. I have a pretty fast burner as well, darn
> near new, but k3b will let me burn at a crawl ...which works really
> well. My two cents, Ric

Something that comes to mind is that the media check, when installing, can be 
unreliable. A fail on a specific file, may not prevent the install proceeding 
without any problems whatsoever. I must admit that I normally skip the media 
check, as I've found it to be unreliable.

did you try booting the newly burned cd on the machine that you'd burned it 
on? Skip the media check, and just see if you get as far as the installer. 
You don't have to proceed with the install if it does get that far. I havn't 
used the alternate CD, so am not sure how it works.

Nigel Henry.

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