Installing wireless network drivers

Emanoil Kotsev deloptes at
Fri Oct 31 10:53:58 GMT 2008

Sahana Basavapatna wrote:

> Lenevo Y410

you'll need to check if firmware is installed. check if using iwl

lsmod | grep iwl
iwl3945                86004  0
firmware_class          7680  3 iwl3945,tuner_xc2028,pcmcia
mac80211              207860  1 iwl3945
led_class               4356  1 iwl3945
cfg80211               24712  2 iwl3945,mac80211

or ipw

lsmod | grep ipw

in the console write

ls -al /lib/firmware/* | grep iwl

or if ipw

ls -al /lib/firmware/* | grep ipw

if not download and copy this file there

check if the wlan kill switch is disabled running /sbin/iwconfig

lo        no wireless extensions.

eth1      no wireless extensions.

wmaster0  no wireless extensions.

wlan0     IEEE 802.11  ESSID:""
          Mode:Managed  Frequency:2.412 GHz  Access Point: Not-Associated
          Retry min limit:7   RTS thr:off   Fragment thr=2352 B
          Encryption key:off
          Link Quality:0  Signal level:0  Noise level:0
          Rx invalid nwid:0  Rx invalid crypt:0  Rx invalid frag:0
          Tx excessive retries:0  Invalid misc:0   Missed beacon:0

In this example Tx-Power=off is set so it has been disabled by software.

go to kontrol center internet/network settings and configure your wlan


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