Ibex on a PIII?

locke314 locke314 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 30 09:24:29 GMT 2008

Alan Dacey пишет:
> I'm running Kubuntu 8.04 on an old IBM ThinkPad A30 laptop.  It's something like 
> 900Mhz and has 512Mb ram.  Things take some time to start up, but everything 
> works fine after that.  Used for email, music, watching movies, flash plays fine 
> in firefox or kaffeine, some OO stuff (haven't noticed spell check dogging).
> Alan
Ok. I'm running Kubuntu hardy KDE4 64-bit on an workstation with AMD 
phenom 9950BE (4 cores, 2,6GHz), 8Gb RAM;
radeon 3200 (256 mb). The same story:
> Things take some time to start up... <cut>
--slower than vista. WHY?

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