Amarok radio listening headaches

O. Sinclair o.sinclair at
Thu Oct 30 06:55:28 GMT 2008

O. Sinclair wrote:
> Kubuntu 8.04.1, KDE 3.5.10, Amarok
> Every time I try to listen to a Shoutcast or cool-stream radio live the 
> same thing happens:
> it retrieves the playlist
> it buffers
> it starts playing
> after a minute or more it stops and the "sound indicator" at the bottom 
> of the Amarok window just "flickers" constantly.
> I am on a fairly slow connection but listening via various webplayers 
> works much better. Anyone have any idea of what I could try to sort this 
> out?
> Sinclair
I should add that Last.FM is the same, even though I can listen 
perfectly via the website

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