transfering emails from Kmail to Thunderbird

Derek Broughton news at
Mon Oct 27 16:56:55 GMT 2008

Peter Klaassen wrote:

> Op Sunday 26 October 2008 23:35:21 schreef Paul Lemmons:
>> Peter Klaassen wrote:
>> > Is it possible to manually transfer my emailarchive from Kmail
>> > to Thunderbird. The import function of TB does not recognize
>> > Kmail.
> How do I import e-mail messages from kmail (Linux)?
>     Make a new folder in kmail and name it inboxmbox. You'll see a
>     dialogue in
> which you can save it as an mbox folder. Copy all posts in your kmail
> inbox folder to the new inboxmbox folder. Exit kmail. Next, copy or move
> inboxmbox to the subfolder Mail/Local Folders in your profile folder. When
> you open Thunderbird you'll see the inboxmbox folder under Local Folders.
> Copy the messages into your Inbox folder if you like.
> Nice, but not with 100 plus archive folders in Kmail.
> Thanks anyway Paul

Considering that KMail gives you two ways to store your mail - as mboxes or
as Maildirs (I believe it defaults to Maildirs, but I could be wrong), and
Thunderbird reads either, just point Thunderbird at them and go.  TB does
not "recognize" kmail, because kmail doesn't have a mail format.

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