Firefox 3.0.3 not working

Edmund Laugasson ed.lau at
Mon Oct 27 15:28:41 GMT 2008

>>> Has anybody problem, that if you run Firefox 3.0.3, it does not start?
>>> I tried from GUI and command line - no feedback - it just won't start :(
>>> Sometimes it will start
>>> some minutes later. Often I just kill the process, because I'm not so
>>> patient to wait some minutes.
>>> I found this thread -
>>> - but it
>>> didn't help me.
>>> I also read from Google, that one TTF-font beginning with letter "t"
>>> caused problem - I removed all
>>> my TTF-fonts with beginning "t" - no result. I run also fc-cache -rv and
>>> made several restarts to PC
>>> - no effect :(
>>> So, I'm stuck and considering reinstall whole system and hoping, that next
>>> time it will not happen.
> xfs is not used by default in Kubuntu. He don't say what version he
> has but xfs is not installed on my Kubunt Gutsy or Hardy.
> I have no problem with Firefox 3.0.3. The first thing i would try is
> to backup the .mozilla folder, remove it and start firefox to make
> sure it's not some extension or settings that's the cause.

I already did that - moved ~/.mozilla to another place and started firefox again - no result :(

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