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Mon Oct 27 01:06:51 GMT 2008

Art Alexion wrote:

> On Sun, Oct 26, 2008 at 4:46 PM, Pablo L. Berdaguer
> <plberd-kubuntu at> wrote:
>> I upgraded to KDE4 some days ago.
>> I have a usb HD and it works just fine... but I want to make a little
>> tweak.
>> Whenever you the device notifier mounts the disk it mounts it in a
>> /media/disk directory... or disk-1, or disk-2... depending on what's free
>> at that moment.
>> That behaviour prevents us users to create links to the contents of the
>> disk, because the directory may change each time the disk is mounted.
>> In KDE3 I could change that and force a folder for a partition just by
>> changeing the name of the icon in the desktop... But now I can't do that
>> any more and I can't find anywhere to configure that.
> One suggestion is to find the UUID of the disk and create an entry in
> /etc/fstab

for some reason the UUID label option is not working with KDE for me (may be
it's working only on boot) or I'm just missing something, but  here I found
a way to make usb disk mount to a specific directory. I think it's required
that the directory is under /media

I have posted this to related discussion on debians user list

1) with sudo vol_id -u device get the UUID from the usb drive partition you
want to edit (device is the file of interest i.e. /dev/sdb1)
2) In the KDE -> 'System Settings' go to advanced and click 'Disk &
3) switch to administrator by clicking on the admin button at the bottom +
password etc. - so now you are admin
3) click on the drive partition you want to mount 

3a) select the mount point /media/usb_XXXX in your case, or write down
something meaningful i.e. /media/usb_data_1_partition_1
3b) click by UUID and the UUID should be the same with the one you get in 1)
3c) click enable at start (optional)
3d) Slect "Mount Permission" (optional)
3e) click OK

4a) edit /etc/fstab replace UUID= as shown below for the UUID which you get
in 1)

/dev/disk/by-uuid/<UUID_FROM_STEP_1> /media/usb_XXXX auto
users,noauto,atime,rw,nodev,noexec,nosuid 0 0

4b) save and close

voila it all works

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