Fresh install?

Thorny thorntreehome at
Sun Oct 19 12:00:08 BST 2008

On Sat, 18 Oct 2008 14:09:14 -0400, Ric Moore wrote:

> On Sat, 2008-10-18 at 03:38 -0700, Thorny wrote:
>> On Sat, 18 Oct 2008 03:06:52 -0400, Ric Moore wrote:
>> That being said, I agree with your two partition method, if one has a
>> spare partition for it, your approach adds a measure of safety as you
>> have detailed. In fact it's similar to what I do, just that I used that
>> copy of the system as a fallback position, booted to it because it
>> wasn't updated and it was still working, then I chrooted into the borked
>> filesystem to fix it.
> Ah! But guess how many newbies just understood what you wrote? <grins> In
> the Fedora and CentOS distros, it's pretty much assumed you had a clue. I
> would have thought that within Kubuntu that there are far more newbies to
> be considered on this list. I'm sure you remember the old days when
> "rolling your own" was the standard first introduction to Linux. But, I
> could make my old 486 do tricks that Windows couldn't running with a
> Pentium processor, and my 486 ran much faster. I learned to really know my
> system inside and out, you betcha! I dunno, there is a new "paradigm"
> nowadays; getting Linux Desktop to replace Windows Desktop. Those refugees
> from the Windows world do have a learning curve to jump through and I
> guess there are no easy answers for them.
> BTW, Thorny. When I went through my Google email account spam folder,
> gmail filtered you to there, so I resurrected you. It must have parsed
> "horny" from your account name. <grins hugely> Ric

Yes Ric, I did speak to you as an experienced user. I might even have seen
your name around previously somewhere. :-) And you are correct that the
aim of Kubuntu is to be easy for beginners (and/or people coming from
Windows). What I wrote would have been written very differently if I
thought my audience was a newbie. On the other hand, some of those newbies
are keeners and will grab anything they didn't understand from our post
and google with it or perhaps, learn to read man pages. If nothing else,
we can serve as examples by discussing things in public, I know in the
beginning for me, I lurked and listened and learned, then read and read
and read. It was harder to post in those days, unless one had a flame
suit. ;-) The l33t did not suffer fools gladly. Naturally, it would be
wonderful if everyone took OS classes, building a system with LFS would
also be instructive but both those scenarios are unrealistic for people
who just want a system to use and I can understand that. I choose to shoot
for the top line, the motivated. 

BTW, are you sure a novice would even understand how to do what you wrote,
many people have not yet learned to carve out a partition to act as
backup, if I remember correctly what I have read around cyberspace. Since
many people these days always want the very latest and greatest the
"upgrade" will have to be crafted to work smoothly, preferably with one
click or, horrors, automagically. :-) LOL, OMG!

I used to be *horny* but, these days I usually just feel old and
tired. Seriously, though, I'm surprised that gmail would filter that way,
never had a problem pinging from this account to one of my other gmail
accounts. Have you got gogles on? If you don't see my mail, no matter,
you're not likely to need my help and some people think most of what I
write is drivel anyway. 

Nice talking to you, thanks.

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