Is it me or does Hardy run like a pig?

Emanoil Kotsev deloptes at
Fri Oct 17 08:34:48 BST 2008

Knapp wrote:

>>> My machine runs all kinds of Python/Ruby and other 'scripting' code.
>>> It's not slow. The slow-down you are experiencing will be something
>>> you'll find eventually and I bet it will be unrelated to python et al.
>>> \d
>> Ok mr. python advocate
> Although I was going on about the size and lack of speed of python
> code VS C, I still write 99% of my code with Python these days. It is
> a wonderful language and the older computers now are struggling with
> it but give it 5 years and may code will run on anything! I LOVE Panda
> 3d!!!
> Check out this program. I has a 3d animated panda walking around a
> patch of rocks and bamboo with the camera soaring around filming it.
> Lets so you code that in assembly! LOL. Not only is the program short
> but non programmers can ALMOST read it.
> I think that it would be great fun to include panda3d in *Ubuntu as
> part of the standard install and then use it for making a new desktop
> to replace KDE, Gnome etc. You could do one like Neuromancer and there
> would not even be that much code. Talk about eye candy. BTW the
> license has been changed to be fully open source now. That being the
> reason it is not even in the repos now.
> Douglas E Knapp


Nice to know more. I'm pretty familiar with what and how python is. I just
wanted to say that many mostly new and young programmers do not have the
understanding of what has been done on memory or cpu level.
It seems you do which helps you I guess also write a good code in python
As I'm doing mostly linguistic stuff (text manipulation) I prefer
programming in perl. I also learned perl when python was only in the
imagination of some people, but when it comes to speed and size I have to
code c or c++.

I agree that python has many advantages and the coding is made nice and
easy. The last company where I've been working did serious programming in
python and turned it into C code, so this is another advantage of python.

What I wanted to say - making it easy, compared with not understanding
completely well what you are doing leads to causing only troubles. 


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