800x600 in Kubuntu

Ignazio Palmisano ignazio_io at yahoo.it
Thu Oct 16 11:50:00 BST 2008

Peter Klaassen wrote:
> Op Wednesday 15 October 2008 22:30:29 schreef Paul Lemmons:
>> You have to *install* the additions, not just have the ISO mounted.
> Hitting that choice in the guest menu does not do anything.
> It seems that is already installed, so said an errormessage.
> But in the systemtray there is no icon from the guest additions,
> as in de XP guest.

Does the guest window capture your mouse? (I mean, when you click in it, 
does it stop the mouse from exiting again until you press the host key?)

If it does not, then the guest additions are installed and running. Try 
just pulling the corner of the window and see if it resizes the guest 
display as well - it does in mine.

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