800x600 in Kubuntu

Peter Klaassen peterklaassen at quicknet.nl
Thu Oct 16 11:14:49 UTC 2008

Op Thursday 16 October 2008 12:50:00 schreef Ignazio Palmisano:
> Does the guest window capture your mouse? (I mean, when you click in it,
> does it stop the mouse from exiting again until you press the host key?)

yes, so it is not loaded
when I choose the option in the guest window menu, nothing happens.

> If it does not, then the guest additions are installed and running. Try
> just pulling the corner of the window and see if it resizes the guest
> display as well - it does in mine.

Is there in your Kubuntu guest a guest additions icon in your left system 
It does not in mine, but in the XP guest it does.  

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