On/Off switch problem on Compaq Ivo N620c.

Ignazio Palmisano ignazio_io at yahoo.it
Wed Oct 15 09:18:24 BST 2008

Steven Vollom wrote:
> Money and me are too much strangers.  Recently I purchased a used Compaq 
> Ivo N620c Laptop.  I only owned it a couple of days and the On/Off 
> switch started giving me trouble.  Also, the Hibernation button gave me 
> the same problem before I learned that it was not the On/Off button. 
> Anyway, the Laptop worked normally for the first two days.  Each time I 
> turned it off and back on again, it worked flawlessly.  I did that 
> several times.  I was using the Hibernate button all those times, but it 
> seemed to shut the computer off.    Then it started to not turn on when 
> the button was depressed.  I would try from time to time and eventually 
> it would turn the computer on again. 

Is it easy to disassemble the laptop close to the power button? It might 
be that there is some dust that's preventing it from working properly.

> For several days, I just kept the computer running while getting the new 
> OS, Kubuntu Gutsy configured and working properly.  I also was looking 
> for and working out bugs and fixes.  Finally, I thought I had figured 
> the potential problem.  I thought that perhaps the battery had to be in 
> the computer to work, even if plugged into outside power.  I thought 
> perhaps that the connection pins had been used so much that they would 
> not always make a complete connection, so I turned off the computer to 
> allow the problem to return; I wantedd to test my theory.  I planned to 
> check the battery pins and clean and adjust if necessary.  But when I 
> turned off the computer, it would not turn on again.  I have been trying 
> to turn it on several times a day for several days without success.
> I thought perhaps Compaq Ivo owners may have had the same problems after 
> four years or so of ownership.  If so, I hoped to get a solution.
> As I mentioned I don't have a lot of money.  I am retired on a very low 
> fixed income and would like to fix the laptop myself.  But it would be 
> nice to know the exact problem before starting to buy parts that may not 
> be defective.  Any experience or knowledge would be greatly 
> appreciated.  Thanks in advance.
> Steven

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