[OT on OT: ad personam vs ad hominem][OT rude or not, a different opinion] -Re: Beta 8.10 released

Ignazio Palmisano ignazio_io at yahoo.it
Tue Oct 14 21:59:56 BST 2008

tom bell wrote:
>> Fake politeness is useless, in this we agree. But if you disagree with 
>> someone else's ideas, you attack the ideas, not the person. That's not 
>> fake politeness, that's respect. (it's not meant to be a scolding, I'm 
>> not referring to what has been said; the technique of attacking a person 
>> whose ideas we don't share is old and well known, the exact term escapes 
>> me - is it "ad personam"?)
> ad hominem
> Tom Bell

:D out of curiosity I've reread Schopenhauer definitions of the 
arguments ad personam and ad hominem. To me, it seems that ad hominem is 
the technique of using against the opponent the same arguments the 
opponent has put forward, while ad personam corresponds to try and 
discredit one's point by making personal attacks, either to let the 
audience believe that such a bad person can only be in the wrong or to 
make the opponent angry and therefore more susceptible to other 
dialectic tricks. So I maintain I was right in my naming ;)


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