Sudden complications with Adept and Synaptic - partly solved

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Tue Oct 14 21:34:21 BST 2008

Derek Broughton wrote:
> Ulrich Grün wrote:
>> 2008/10/14 Steven Vollom <stevenvollom at>:
>>> I am not very experienced, however, I had a problem where I needed to
>>> fix a broken package.  I booted to where you have a choice of opening
>>> your OS or opening in Safe Mode.  When I clicked on that, there were two
>>> choices where if you clicked on them they fixed problems.  At the end of
>>> the repair procedure, I was asked if I wanted to continue opening up
>>> normally, I did, and the OS opened fixed.
>> Did you have the installation CD in the PC? I know of no repair option
>> like this. Did this option appair emediately, before booting the
>> kernel?
>> It sounds as if this would be what we need.
I was hoping you knew that step.  My laptop has an ON/OFF problem.  I 
can't turn the computer on right now, or I would duplicate the process.  
One time when I press the on/off button it will work again, but not 
yet.  I am pretty sure I did not have a CD in the machine though.  I 
think now that it was recovery mode instead of repair, I still am not 
sure, however if you can get to that point, try it.  If it opens with 
about four choices, the first being to resume normal boot, it was the 
second and fourth options that I tried.  I am not sure which fixed the 
problem, but the problem was fixed.  After that I clicked on the resume 
normal boot and everything was fine.  I am so sorry to be so 
inexperienced, but it was a wonderful feeling to have the problem 
resolved without someone else's help.  I am very greatful for help too, 
it is just this was one time I found an answer for myself.  I need that 
to keep me motivated.  If and when my laptop turns on again, I will 
repeat the procedure.  My desktop is not the same.  It is dual boot with 
two versions of Kubuntu.  The laptop has only the Gutsy version of 
Kubuntu, so it doesn't boot to choices.  It is that kind of screen that 
produced the four choices I mentioned.  My memory says that the X server 
repair is the fourth choice.
> I have a situation where, every dozen or so times I resume from hibernation
> (only since I set up dual-screens in X) X fails, and I'm forced to power
> off.  On reboot, I get this screen about half way through the boot process
> (I think it's already in runlevel 2).  I don't recall all the options, as
> I've always just been able to choose "resume normal boot".

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