8.10 impressions

Eberhard Roloff tuxebi at gmx.de
Mon Oct 13 13:17:17 BST 2008

Dotan Cohen wrote:
> 2008/10/13 Eberhard Roloff <tuxebi at gmx.de>:
>> However, I never had to test it. I think, it is highly unlikely to have
>> a PC that on the one side uses SATA, and on the other hand does not boot
>> from CD. ;-)
> Mac Air?
Not bad! I freely admit, that wile this might be cute, it is not the 
type of machine I work with.

However, please just let us know how smartbootmanager is doing "in the 
Air", especially since it only has usb ports for external media afaik.

I googled and did not find any positive indication that smart 
bootmanager boots from SATA. So it seems that "only old iron" is 
supported and imho this is ok as long as old iron is around.

Kind regards

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