m4a->mp3 help

Nils Kassube kassube at gmx.net
Sun Oct 12 20:43:55 BST 2008

Juan Kawada wrote:
> @nils, I tried that in a test folder to see if it would work, and It
> found the m4a, converted it, and put an mp3 beside the m4a of the same
> name. problem is that the mp3 is 13 seconds of very loud static.
> Looks like this is either a problem with the settings I chose or with
> lame itself though. Heres my output.
> udyrfrykte at udyrfrykte-desktop:~$ find ~/Templates -iname "*.m4a" |
> while read fn;do lame -V0 -h -b 160 --vbr-new "$fn"
> "${fn%[mM]4[aA]}mp3";done
> Assuming raw pcm input file 

Because of that last line I suppose lame can't decode m4a files. As I 
don't have any m4a files myself, I couldn't test it and I thought you had 
already verified that lame could convert your files with the command you 
posted. But I can't tell you which program you could use instead of lame 
to do the conversion. Maybe you could try the soundconverter package 
mentioned in the forum thread you posted.


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