Kontact Calendar - IMAP etc

Lindsay Mathieson lindsay.mathieson at optusnet.com.au
Sat Oct 11 01:58:09 BST 2008

Anyone found a server that the Kontact Calendar (4.1.0) works with? I've been 
evaluating various servers - IMAP, Citadel, egroupware and its just unusuable. 
Todo's don't save or are corrupted, notifications just don't happen. Its not 
even vaguely alpha quality software. I had a go at installing kolab from the 
ubuntu repo but the ldap component failed and from the forums I saw how many 
people failed to get past that and decided not to waste my time with it.

I can't understand why its so bad - this has been a supposed major part of KDE 
groupware solution for years and it just doesn't work - am I missing 

The local file storage seems ok but that's not an option - I need centralised 
calendars & todo's that I can access from multiple desktops, pererably with a 
web interface as well. I know there's other solutions (webcalendar etc) but I 
really wanted it to work with Kontact,

Lindsay Mathieson

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