Beta 8.10 released

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Fri Oct 10 09:43:50 BST 2008


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> Subject: Re: Beta 8.10 released
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> Date: Friday, October 10, 2008, 4:38 AM
> Emanoil Kotsev wrote:
> >> > By having kde3 as working envioronment and
> having kde4
> >> as testing
> >> > environment untill I and only I consider kde4
> stable.
> >> Just want to have
> >> > this option -
> >> 
> >> But you _do_ have this option.  That's the
> point I keep
> >> trying to make.
> > 
> > I've got this, really. I still don't
> understand how it's to be done but if
> > you say so it's may be not hard to find out.
> Just keep running 8.04, with all the various hardy
> repositories enabled
> (hardy-updates, hardy-security, hardy-proposed,
> hardy-backports) and
> whereever kubuntu currently has the KDE4 packages that
> install side-by-side
> with kde3.  

This sounds really like an answer (a precise one), not that I couldn't imagine what I should do. If you want to be more precise i.e. if I was a k/ubuntu newbie I would expect also to point me out where to check i.e. /etc/apt/source.list, but I think I know debian pretty well. So thanks.

Now after we've figured out how I can keep kde3 running, let's clear also the question with updated after 12 months. will hardy go away or I'll be able to file bugs if any somehwere and get them fixed?

This is the crucial point in all of my tribute to this discussion. As I said I've installed kubuntu only because I thought it would have LST like ubuntu which turned not to be true.

As I understood in 12 months hardy will be gone forever - am I right. What if I find a bug then ... or if the things I find disturbing are still not solved?

As I already said it's not only about me but also about few other people around me with much less linux knowledge and experience then me.

thanks and regards


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